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03/27/17 I am writing a crime report for Napa County and was wondering how many murders and non-negligent ... Police Department Joni Brown
03/22/17 Hello. I'm looking for a grant that was done on my Father house in 2001. The Grant was from: CDBG... Housing & Community Development Chari Barrera
03/20/17 I am writing on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California (ACLU-NC).  U... Police Department Joni Brown
03/16/17 I would like to request a copy of the VMT/ORCEM APPEAL Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
03/15/17 I hereby request a copy of any appeal by VMT and / or Orcem on the decision to deny their use per... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
03/13/17 I am seeking copies of the following for research purposes: Franchise statements, gas, 2013-2016... City Clerk’s Office Dawn Abrahamson, City Clerk
03/07/17 I am requesting copies of all Master Agreements between the City of Vallejo and Lennar Mare Island. Economic Development Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
03/03/17 Related to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration's (TIGTA) open investigation 62... Police Department Joni Brown
03/07/17 All records related to the results of a special election held on June 11, 2002 at which eligible ... Finance Department Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
03/02/17  I am writing to request the following records for from the Building, Planning ,Fire Prevention, ... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
02/27/17 I want to know who the owner is of the 12 unit complex @ 618 Florida St. Vallejo, 94590. Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
02/23/17 Good morning.  I'd like to see the 18 December 2016 Fehr & Peers rail crossing analysis, iden... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
02/22/17 I hereby request to a copy the "Appeal of Staff Determination Refusing to Certify EIR for Conside... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
02/17/17 All records from February 12, 2017 through February 17, 2017 related to the VMT/Orcem project or ... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
02/15/17 Hello I would like a copy of the minutes from Civil Service Commission meeting from December 12 a... Heather Iopu
02/15/17 Can you please send me a signed W9 form for the City of Vallejo Finance Department Jon Oiler, Auditor Controller
02/14/17 I would like the contract or P/O for NextRequest public records system. I would like to know the ... Dawn Abrahamson, City Clerk
02/12/17 I request records of all communication from or concerning Mr. Dick Loewke and any outside consult... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
02/09/17 Number of minors detained on CSEC related charges. Protocols for identifying CSEC and recogniz... Police Department Joni Brown
02/02/17  I am writing to request the following records for: 151 Farragut Avenue, Vallejo, Solano County,... Code Enforcement; Fire Prevention; Planning; Building Livian Ellis, Secretary
02/02/17 Hi Heather, It was a pleasure speaking with you over the phone. As requested, I am inquiring abo... City Clerk’s Office; City Manager’s Office Joanna Altman, Assistant to the City Manager
01/31/17 Please see attached Public Works Department Tami Hansen, Executive Secretary
01/31/17 I request all documents related to any information or discussion regarding recirculation of the e... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
01/26/17 Copy of the Traffic and Engineering Survey required by Vehicle Code Section 40802 to justify th... Police Department Joni Brown
01/26/17 Copies of all issued Code Enforcement fines and copies of receipts as proof of payment on those f... Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
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