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Donald E Osborne I would like to request copies of all correspondence between the City of Vallejo and the office o... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
No name available I would like the encroachment permit for the caliber school project. Public Works Department Brisa Rojas, Secretary
Travis Chatters I'd to request any files or permits related to the property identified as 051-010-320, also liste... Fire Prevention; Building Livian Ellis, Secretary
Donald E Osborne I request copies of any lease between General Mills and the City of Vallejo executed in the years... Economic Development Angelina Abella, Administrative Clerk II
Ivonne Vaughn Hello - I would like to receive the Beautification Commission meeting notifications.  Thank you City Clerk’s Office Dawn Abrahamson, City Clerk
Mike Katz-Lacabe All reports and memoranda regarding " hits," data, analysis, and effectiveness of mobile and st... Police Department Joni Brown
Noel Thompson Dawn G. Abrahamson City Clerk 555 Santa Clara Street Vallejo, CA 94590 Re: Public Records Reque... City Clerk’s Office; Finance Department Jon Oiler, Auditor Controller
Susan B. Anthony Commercial 1 1/4" water supply line was purchased on or about June 1987 costing thousands of doll... Water Pam Sahin, Administrative Analyst II
Jennifer Hylton Please accept this letter as our formal request for a copy of the most current record, financial ... Finance Department Jon Oiler, Auditor Controller
Steven Castleman Any and all documents reflecting contacts between public officials and private persons as descr... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
Ron Russell City of Vallejo: Please provide information on any and all records pertaining to Above Ground St... Fire Prevention Shirley Herbert, Secretary
Peter Brooks Can you please make available to me a copy of the Binder submitted to City of Vallejo, Council me... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
John Eligon I would like a breakdown of Vallejo PD Officers by race/ethnicity. Police Department Joni Brown
Milica Ivanis We would like monthly totals for each of the UCR part 1 crimes for the city of Vallejo, CA from J... Police Department Joni Brown
Darrell W. Edwards Sr. 11/02/2017In late 2001 I submitted 3 copies of plans produced at a cost of approximately $4000 fo... Building Livian Ellis, Secretary
Dominic Ripoli J.D. I would like to formally request all public documents relating to any and all citations from any ... Police Department Joni Brown
Mark Lampkin Hello.I am requesting copies of the City of Vallejo's annual reports for the years 2007, 2008, 20... Planning Jon Oiler, Auditor Controller
David Shipley It is my understanding that some negotiations with rail operators and the principals of the Valle... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
Vincent Maher Please provide me the following: VPD Policies and Procedures Manual VPD General Orders Manual... Police Department Joni Brown
Danelle Morton Seeking a copy of the agreement between Temple Art Loft Associates, L.P. and DOMUS management and... Housing & Community Development Chari Barrera
Rose Mishaan, Esq. Copy of Vallejo Police Department policy on the use of body worn cameras on or around March 3, 20... Police Department Joni Brown
Megan Pate Information whether Curtola Pkwy & Lemon Street has traffic light cameras or sequencing? Police Department Joni Brown
Jenny Alvarado Property address: 1702 Tuolumne St., Vallejo, CAStantech Consulting Services is performing an env... Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
Richard Pace Hello,I would like to request a copy of my accident report that occurred on Aug 2nd 2017 at 9:15 ... Police Department Joni Brown
Tina Fowler please provide a list of email addresses for the following distribution lists  Vallejo News C... City Manager’s Office Joanna Altman, Assistant to the City Manager
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