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haunani (Sanchez) leonard I need my birth record and if possible open my birth mothers records and any other cps I was in a... Dawn Abrahamson, City Clerk
Valery Asenjo Under the FOIA, I want to ask for any staff reports, communications, correspondence and/or City C... Angelina Abella, Administrative Clerk II
Rosemary Whisenton All mail that was sent out, pictures of damage to house for the property at 1537 Louisiana Street... Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
No name available I would like to see a copy of the proposed garbage contract that is currently under consideration... Tami Hansen, Executive Secretary
Ronald Barber Electronic copy of the entire Code Enforcement case file for Case #CE15-2490 regarding the proper... Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
Jack Boyd Hard copies of code violation notices for the property at 107 Browning, Vallejo, California. Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
Gil C Asido History of notices of code violations up to the present date for the property at 1664 SEVERUS DRI... Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
Laura Stephenson All notices concerning the dead tree at 22 DEL MAR Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
Valery Asenjo case # FCS 027048 "Settlement Agreement" from the Solano County Superior Court Vallejo Waterfro... Dawn Abrahamson, City Clerk
Doug Darling Requesting a copy of each application for the re-instated 2016 Commission on Culture and the Arts... Dawn Abrahamson, City Clerk
Leonardo I'd like to request the title, section or code the traffic division utilizes to decide which road... Tami Hansen, Executive Secretary
Carl C. Larson Records Request on Behalf of the IAFF Local 1186 - 1) Contract between the City of Vallejo and Ca... Human Resources Department Crystal Tobin, Personnel Analyst II
Dan Indrasena I would like to obtain prevaling wage rates for public contracts for City of Vallejo Tami Hansen, Executive Secretary
Angela Beavis Request to view the "towing agreement" as referenced on the Vallejo PD Traffice Divsion form to v... Police Department Craige Flater, Administrative Analyst
No name available Please consider this a formal Public Records Act request to the City of Vallejo.    Ms. Trujillo ... Tami Hansen, Executive Secretary
Micheal Young Copy of birth certificate for Michael Young. Dawn Abrahamson, City Clerk
Valery Asenjo Copies of the City of Vallejo's filings with the State Lands Commission of all detailed statement... Jon Oiler, Auditor Controller
Oscar Nunez Obtain copy of all the warning notices and citations on Code Enforcement case # CE14-1685 (nunezr... Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
Sadie Bodiford Address: 408 Tennessee Street, Vallejo, CA 94590 Looking for the following types of records for... Livian Ellis, Secretary
Erik Peterson A log of records requests submitted to the city of Vallejo that lists 1) the date the request was... Dawn Abrahamson, City Clerk
Michael Vonderhaar Hard copies of: original warning/citation regarding Case #CE13-3300 also the 3 or 4 citations giv... Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
Benny Ng - Kai Ying Fung Requesting copies of the violation letters for case numbers CE15-2537, CE15-0881, and CE16-0372 f... Code Enforcement Karen Ang, Secretary
Skip Rudolf We are requesting a Lease Summary or similar report with a different name in which the City of Va... Angelina Abella, Administrative Clerk II
Kathy Guess RE: The Ridge Townhomes 301 Fairgrounds Drive Please find this as a formal records request for... Planning Leslie Trybull, Executive Secretary
Brian Kim Currently, I am conducting a Phase I environmental site assessment for the below property: 240... Shirley Herbert, Secretary
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